MYRA Myra, an Observation ROV, is capable of successfully performing tasks such as observation, analysis, and examination with its 6-thruster propulsion system providing high thrust and lifting capacity, and a 5-function electronic robot arm, all within its small and lightweight structure. 5 units of Myra have been exported to different customers in Norway, Russia, and Chile.

Marine Research: Myra can be used in marine research for studying marine ecosystems, conducting marine biology studies, and exploring underwater geology. Its ability to collect data, take samples, and perform observations underwater provides valuable information to scientists.
Underwater Exploration: Myra can be utilized in underwater exploration missions. It can help in the investigation of shipwrecks and debris fields, mapping underwater structures, discovering underwater resources, and examining archaeological sites, enabling the exploration of unknown regions.
Maritime Security: Myra can be employed by coast guard and maritime security units. It can assist in underwater security scans, mine detection, clearance of underwater explosives, and monitoring underwater security threats.
Oil and Gas Industry: Myra can play a significant role in underwater research and operations in the oil and gas industry. It can be used for monitoring underwater pipelines, supporting underwater drilling operations, and inspecting underwater equipment.
Underwater Structure Inspections: Myra can be effectively utilized in conducting inspections of underwater structures. It can aid in the maintenance of submarine cables, monitoring underwater platforms, detecting damages to underwater structures, and performing security evaluations of underwater facilities.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 165kg
  • Length: 110cm
  • Width: 75cm
  • Height: 77cm
  • Depth Rating: 600m
  • Payload Capacity: 25kg
  • Forward Thrust: 32kgf
  • Vertical Thrust: 22kgf
  • Power Input: 230VAC

Standard Equipment

  • 4 x Oil Filled Vectorized Horizontal Thrusters
  • 2 x Oil Filled Vertical Thrusters
  • Hoytek FHD Color Tilt Camera
  • 2 x 6000 lumen Hoytek LED
  • Multibeam Imaging Sonar
  • Hoytek Sensor (AHRS + Depth + Temperature)
  • 2 x Hoytek Oil Filled Compansators
  • Dual Screen Control Box
  • Hoytek Hand Controller
  • Cable Case with 335m Cable
  • Fiber Optics Communication System
  • Power Box with Megacon Insulation Monitor

Optional Equipment

  • Electrical Cable Winch with up to 1100m Cable
  • LARS
  • Altimeter
  • USBL
  • 5 Axis Manipülator
  • Flasher
  • Pinger
  • Highly Customizable Sensors and Tooling