DEEPEYE VIDEO MATRIX SYSTEM DeepEye is a video matrix system designed to meet the needs of ROV operators. This system is used to display multiple video inputs on a limited number of screens. DeepEye's flexible scene and screen configuration capability provides an ideal solution for operators during their tasks.

DeepEye addresses the requirement of combining video streams from multiple cameras into a single system during ROV underwater operations. For example, you may want to simultaneously display images from various cameras to monitor different areas or angles of an ROV. DeepEye has the ability to show these multiple video inputs on a single screen or across multiple screens simultaneously.

The scene and screen configuration capability of DeepEye allows customization according to the operators' task requirements. It is possible to adapt the content and layout of each screen based on the preferences and priorities of ROV operators. This enables operators to effectively view and fulfill their tasks by monitoring video feeds from multiple cameras in the most efficient way.

DeepEye also offers a user-friendly interface, enabling operators to easily control the video inputs. Operators can switch between images in real-time, zoom in or out, and rearrange the display. These features assist operators in maintaining better control and effectively managing underwater operations.

DeepEye is used in Kaşif - Drill Support ROVs.

Technical Specifications

  • Video Input: 16 x HDMI
  • Video Output: 4 x HDMI
  • Ability to show 16 screens simultaneously (4x4 PIP)
  • KM Switch Control (Optional)