T-300 Tilt is specifically designed for observation-class underwater vehicles, offering a working depth of up to 300 meters. It plays a crucial role in performing the tilting function of components such as cameras and LEDs that operate underwater. This important feature enhances the versatility and effectiveness of underwater observations by providing precise positioning and adjustable angles.

The T-300 is filled with oil, ensuring excellent protection and lubrication for its internal mechanisms. This design ensures reliable performance and long-lasting durability, even in challenging underwater environments. T-300 Tilt is a reliable component used in all Hoytek observation-class underwater vehicles and can be seamlessly integrated into various systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 48 (diameter) x 178mm (connector excluded)
  • Weight in Air: 530g
  • Weight in Water: 320g
  • Depth Rating: 300m
  • Pressure Housing Material: Marine Type Aluminum
  • Connector: MCBH6MSS (Customizable)
  • Voltage Input: 24VDC (Customizable)
  • Communication: RS232
  • Torque: 20nm