LYRA Lyra Heavy Work Class ROV is capable of successfully performing various tasks such as observation, surveying, maintenance, and repair with its high thrust and lifting capacity provided by a 7-thruster propulsion system, 2 heavy-duty manipulator robot arms, and durable structure.

3 Lyra ROVs, under the partnership of Armelsan, have been delivered to Turkish Petroleum Corporation under the name "Kaşif" and have been deployed for drilling operations.

Lyra is designed to be used in operations requiring power and precision such as drilling support, pipeline inspection and intervention, scientific sample collection, exploration, search and rescue, and underwater construction.

Lyra is the world's most powerful electric thruster-equipped ROV. It is also the world's first electric drill support ROV. Kaşif-1 operates on a 24/7 basis at a depth of 3000m on the Fatih Drilling Ship; Kaşif-2 on the Kanuni Drilling Ship; and Kaşif-3 on the Abdülhamid Han Drilling Ship.

Drill Support: Lyra can be used in drilling operations to perform various tasks on the seabed. For example, it can assist in equipment transportation, pipe placement, and supporting drilling operations.
Pipeline Inspection and Intervention: Lyra can be utilized for the inspection and intervention of underwater pipelines. This includes tasks such as damage detection, leak repair, or pipeline replacement.
Scientific Sample Collection: Lyra can be used to collect scientific samples from underwater environments. For instance, it can gather data about underwater ecosystems or study underwater volcanoes.
Exploration: Lyra can be deployed in exploration operations to discover new areas on the seabed. It is particularly useful for identifying and mapping deep-sea resources in unexplored regions.
Search and Rescue: Lyra can be employed to search for and recover lost or damaged objects underwater. This includes tasks such as investigating sunken shipwrecks or locating lost equipment.
Underwater Construction: Lyra can be used in construction projects conducted underwater. For example, it can assist in laying submarine cables or assembling underwater structures. 


  • 3000m Depth Rating (6000m optional)
  • Schilling T4 ve Rigmaster Manipulator Support
  • Heavy Duty Tooling Support
  • Advanced Camera System
  • Fully Customizable
  • Fiber Optics Communication System
  • Control Container
  • Workshop Container

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 3800kg
  • Length: 280cm
  • Width: 180cm
  • Height: 170cm
  • Depth Rating: 3000m (6000m optional)
  • Payload Capacity: 200kg (After manipulators and HPUs installed)
  • Forward Thrust: 800kgf
  • Lateral Thrust: 700kgf
  • Vertical Thrust: 700kgf


  • 4 x Oil Filled Vectorized Horizontal Thrusters
  • 3 x Oil Filled Vertical Thrusters
  • 1 x Hoytek FHD Focus Zoom Camera
  • 1 x Low Light Camera
  • 1 x Wide Angle Camera
  • 2 x Utility Cameras
  • 2 x Pan Tilt
  • 4 x 30000 lumen Hoytek LED
  • Hoytek Sensor (AHRS + Depth + Temperature)
  • INS
  • High Resolution Multibeam Imaging Sonar
  • USBL
  • Altimeter
  • Control Container with Pilot Chairs and Videowall
  • Workshop Container
  • Hoytek Video Matrix ve Overlay Systems
  • Schilling T4 Manipulator
  • Schilling Rigmaster
  • TMS
  • LARS
  • 3300m Steel Armored Umbilical
  • HPU 18kW
  • 2 x 8 Station Valve Pack
  • Highly Customizable Sensors and Tooling