SEASIGHT OVERLAY & VIDEO RECORDER Hoytek SeaSight is an exceptional overlay and video recording system that provides a perfect solution for any application requiring video capture, video recording, and overlays. With its customizable overlay components for each screen, the ability to record each screen separately, and the capability to change configurations during missions, SeaSight offers a highly user-friendly experience.

Designed to meet the needs of heavy work class ROVs, SeaSight creates a cost-effective video system solution. Whether it's for inspection, research, or exploration purposes, SeaSight ensures seamless integration and enhances the efficiency of underwater operations.

The system excels in capturing high-quality video footage and offers advanced overlay capabilities, allowing users to add relevant information, data, or graphics to the live video stream. This feature is particularly valuable in applications where real-time data overlay is necessary for analysis or documentation purposes.

SeaSight also provides powerful video recording capabilities, allowing users to store and review recorded footage for later analysis or sharing. The system supports various storage options and formats, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with different workflows and requirements.

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, SeaSight enables operators to make on-the-fly configuration changes, adapt to changing circumstances, and optimize the visual display according to specific needs. This flexibility enhances situational awareness and facilitates effective decision-making during underwater operations.

Overall, Hoytek SeaSight is a reliable and comprehensive video system solution that meets the demanding requirements of various industries, including marine exploration, offshore operations, underwater inspections, and scientific research. Its exceptional features, customizable overlays, and user-friendly experience make it an indispensable tool for professionals in the field.

SeaSight is used in Kaşif - Drill Support ROVs.

Technical Specifications

  • Camera/Video Input: 1 x HD-SDI Camera - 6 x SD Camera
  • Overlay Input: 2 x RS232 Data
  • Display Output: 3