Your privacy is respected by HOYTEK and your data security is given importance. In this context, this text has been prepared to inform and enlighten you about "Cookies".


  • Many websites use "Cookies" for various reasons such as technical, functional, improving user experience, and similar purposes. Below, our use of cookies and how users can manage these cookies on various platforms are explained.
  • The information provided in this document should be evaluated together with the Disclosure and Explicit Consent text, which is accessible from our website, within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law.

2.What are Cookies?

  • A cookie is a type of identification file left on the computer by any Internet website. Session information and similar data are stored in cookie files. When a website that uses cookies is visited, the site may send a request to the browser accessing it to leave one or more cookies on the hard drive.
  • Cookies do not contain personal data such as name, age, address, gender, etc., belonging to the individuals visiting the site.

3.What are the Types of Cookies?

  • Cookies are classified into various types based on their purpose, duration, and the entity that creates them.
  • Depending on who creates and places the cookie, website cookies and third-party cookies are used. Third-party cookies can be managed by different companies depending on the website's business partners, service providers, and collaborations.
  • Based on the duration of cookie usage, session cookies and persistent cookies can be used. Session cookies are deleted as soon as the visitor leaves the website. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, remain on the user's device for predetermined periods, regardless of whether the visit has ended, based on the purpose of the cookie.
  • Depending on the purpose of cookie usage, advertising and targeting cookies, experience personalization cookies, authentication cookies, analysis/analytics cookies, and technical cookies can be used on the website.

4.Why are Cookies Used?

  • Cookies on the website can be used for the following purposes:
  • Personalization of visits and experiences, targeting, accurate and purposeful advertising and promotional activities
  • Ensuring the correct, easy, and more efficient functioning of the website and its components
  • Analyzing information such as resource usage, visitor information, visitor count, and platforms to improve performance and enhance user experience
  • Performing the necessary functions for the operation of the website

5.How Can You Manage Personal Preferences Regarding Cookie Usage?

Disabling cookie usage for certain issues necessary for the operation of our website may hinder the proper functioning of the website. We cannot guarantee that your information obtained from our website and your browsing experience will not be affected when you change your preferences regarding such cookies.