Hoytek is an underwater technology company founded in 2015. Headquartered in Ankara, Turkey, the company offers a wide range of underwater vehicles and equipment. Thanks to its technical expertise and experience, Hoytek is capable of producing underwater robots ranging from 15 kilograms to 4 tons in different weights and with depth capacities ranging from 100 meters to 6000 meters.

Hoytek has delivered its products to numerous companies both domestically and internationally. The company operates in various sectors such as offshore, defense industry, scientific research, and search and rescue. Hoytek holds a leading position in its region and demonstrates growth every year. 


High Technology

Hoytek carries out all production processes in-house. The company conducts mechanical and software designs internally. Additionally, Hoytek stands out with its ability to design and produce electronic cards. Hoytek also stands out with its integration, testing and qualification capabilities. This integrated approach aims to maximize the quality and performance of the products.

Customer Oriented

At Hoytek, we constantly strive to stay up-to-date with technological innovations and lead industry developments. Our goal is to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering high-quality, reliable, and customizable solutions. The importance we place on customer satisfaction is a significant factor in establishing long-term business relationships and achieving success in the industry.