IL-FL-300 Flasher is designed for observation-class underwater vehicles and operates at a working depth of 300m. This reliable device plays a crucial role in locating underwater platforms that have surfaced due to any malfunction. The IL-FL-300 Flasher operates using a single battery and automatically turns off when it is in contact with water, and turns on automatically when it surfaces. It's simple yet effective design ensures seamless operation and enhances the efficiency of underwater search and recovery operations.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 50 (diameter) x 130mm
  • Weight in Air: 600g
  • Weight in Water: 300g
  • Depth Rating: 300m
  • Illumination Angle: 3 x LED 360°
  • Function: 16 Different Flashing Patterns
  • Operation Time: 4 hours Non-Stop
  • Power: 9v Changeable Battery