'Demre' solution to mucilage
June 18, 2021

'Demre' solution to mucilage

Underwater robot manufacturers have taken action to solve the mucilage problem that surrounds the surface and depths of the Marmara Sea and is feared to affect the Aegean and Black Seas

"Hoytek", which is among the sub-contractors of the "Kaşif" ROV, which serves as the deep eye of the Fatih Drilling Ship in natural gas explorations in the Black Sea, will this time be a remedy for mucilage in the deep with the robot named "Demre" it has produced. Bertan Tezcan, General Manager of the domestic ROV manufacturer Hoytek, said, “The mucilage problem is not only on the surface, but in the depths of our seas. Undersea cleaning and sampling is currently only done with divers. Divers can also dive to a certain depth. Our submarine robot, which we call 'Demre', can go down to a depth of 200 meters. Our suggestion is this: By lowering our underwater robots to the desired depth in a very short time, we can collect samples and carry out a cleaning study accordingly. We are one of the 6-7 leading companies in the world in underwater robots. So far, we have exported submarine robots to England, Russia, Norway and Canada. Now, as Turkey's leading underwater robot manufacturer, we are ready to provide all kinds of support with our well-equipped team and superior underwater technology in the environmental disaster experienced."